Versatility and Durability—3 Reasons That Make Precast Concrete Structures An Ideal Investment

According to statistics, concrete is the most commonly used construction material in the world. It offers a wide range of opportunities for construction techniques, designs, and innovative applications. It’s also the most versatile and relatively economical building material available in today’s competitive construction industry.

With the latest advancement in design and techniques, precast concrete structures are rapidly gaining popularity. Compared to cast-in-place (CIS), they have a faster deployment speed, they’re aesthetically versatile and provide better support to most construction projects. They can also save you a lot of money!

Let’s take a look at how you can save money by choosing precast structures instead of cast-in-place concrete structures:

Reduced construction costs:

The molds used to create the precast concrete structures can be recycled and reused hundreds of times. Certain steel forms used for the casting process are used for decades before they have to be discarded. This reduces the overall manufacturing cost of the precast structures.

On-site construction requires new forms and mold to be built for each new project. In contrast, precast concrete structures are also less wasteful and environmentally friendly.

Reduced Transportation costs:

When the construction of concrete structures is done on site it requires a number of workers, vehicles, and equipment. The transportation of all these additional resources can add to the expenses of the construction project.

With precast concrete structures, 90% of the work is done off-site. The structures are designed and cast by the company and ready for deployment before they’re brought on site. This reduces costs significantly.

precast concrete structures

Reduces casting delays:

CIS requires good weather and proper space on site. This can create problems in case of bad weather or other environmental issues. Each delay in the casting process results in a delay in the completion of the project itself which leads to lost dollars. With precast structures, the manufacturing company has appropriate measures set in place to deal with these issues. They use proper premises that can facilitate the quick and convenient casting of the precast structures thus reducing any costly delays.

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