Prefabrik Beton ile Temiz, Kuru ve Sağlıklı Bodrum Yapım İşi

Remember the basements of old days?

Many were dark, sometimes outright scary. They felt damp, smelled musty and had steel support beams and exposed pipes running across their length. Reaching to the other end was a real struggle and you had to crawl your way through with a single exposed light bulb mounted on your head, scratching the low ceiling surface.

Phew; those were bad memories.

Building Clean, Dry and Healthier Basements with Precast Concrete

And ask them—your older family members—who had to actually live in homes with those dark, damp and musty basements, and they’ll tell you how the experience was even worse.

  • Because these basements were dark, they were hard to clean and maintain
  • Because they were damp, they weakened the structure of homes
  • Because they smell musty, they affected the indoor air quality and caused all sorts of health problems

Thankfully, though, today we don’t have to put with up with them. Those shaky banister railings, hanging cobwebs and cold, drafty air currents have become things of past. Precast concrete foundation systems have enabled us to build clean, dry, warm and stronger basements that add resale value to our homes—and not woes.

Water-resistant construction

The concrete mix used for precast panels is denser than typical concrete, which creates more resistance to water over the long run. This property of precast concrete helps to keep the basement dry without additional waterproofing.

Warmer installations

Precast concrete panels have high thermal mass and are insulated throughout, including the studs, corners and bond beams. Special engineering makes these walls thermally insulated and isolated from exterior elements, resulting in below-ground warmer installations.

Safer and more durable walls

Since the production of precast concrete is carried out in a controlled environment, it allows the manufacturers to create stronger concrete mixtures than standard walls. Basements build from precast concrete panels are resilient to termites, fire, dry rot and natural disasters as compared to other foundation types.

Despite possessing all these superior characteristics, precast concrete basements are faster to build than basements constructed from standard concrete, which significantly reduces construction time.

Building Clean, Dry and Healthier Basements with Precast Concrete

So, if you’re looking to revitalize your basement with precast concrete, contact Mohan’s Precast at 718-7399-199 and set up a free evaluation for your basement needs!

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