Precast Concrete Systems– The Solution to All Your Energy Code Problems!

Energy code compliance is a must for all buildings. Whether it is a house, an apartment building, a restaurant or an office –all must comply with energy codes as laid out in their local building area codes.

Compliance is not simple though. Sometimes the requirements can be so unique and challenging where even the traditional, long trusted methods of construction may fail.

This is where precast concrete construction shines.

Precast construction is a relatively new method of construction in contrast to on-site concrete casting and provides design flexibility that can help builders solve even the toughest of energy code problems.

For example, let’s take a look at the footing-to-wall insulation design requirement that many builders struggle with.


In past, designers could incorporate an insulation between the footing and the wall, without worrying too much about the plane of insulation. This is no longer allowed under the revised codes.

The insulation is now required to be continuous. This can be difficult to accomplish with on-site concrete casting. However, by using an insulated precast sandwich panel, the design is very much possible. The wall panel can be taken to a bearing elevation level where the integral insulation stays continuous as it runs from footing to wall, resulting in a successful design.

Similarly, when incorporating insulation between roof and structural support walls, it’s common for designers to leave small breaks due to design constraints. These small breaks will allow for thermal transfer and can cause interior walls to sweat. To solve this problem, you can use precast wall panels that can be designed with simple transitions to keep the insulation continuous from wall to roof.

Another problem worth discussing here is of thermal breaks. There is a thermal break in your glazing pocket, and a thermal break in your wall insulation system. Sometimes because of design constraints, these thermal breaks can be out of plane; the thermal break in your glazing system should be in the same plane with the thermal break of your wall insulation system. This is another area where the use of precast concrete components can help. These components can be designed with an edge to edge and corner to corner insulation system to ensure that the thermal break in your glazing system always remain in the same plane as your wall insulation system.

These and many other energy code problems can be resolved with the use of precast concrete systems. If you’re constructing a new building or remodeling an existing one, precast concrete systems can be the solution to your energy code problems.

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